The Great White Crater Tour 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Assalamualaikum and please have a seat..

On 17th November 2009, my friends and i decided to go out and travelling. So, we decided to rent an avanza and go to the ‘Kawah Putih’. Funny thing is that we found out the way by only looking from Google Earth earlier, and I'm glad that we make it.

So here is the crew of the tour..  crew

The view was fantastic and yet it seems like a mysterious place, like we are in other planet. There is a time limit for visitors (about 20 min maximum) since the place is highly sulphured; to prevent the visitors from having the adverse effects of sulphur poisoning. Entrance fee per person Rp12000 and per car Rp 5000




After that we went to the hot springs at Taman Wisata Cimanggu, but managed only to get 2 shots because of the heavy rain nowadays. The hot springs is pretty hot, but nice. Rp 9000 per person and Rp 5000 per car.

PB172096 copy

After that we go on Strawberry picking in the rain.. haha.. entrance is free but for 1 kg of handpicked strawberries is about Rp 30,000PB172106 copy

Ok, after that we went to Bandung Indah Plaza to have dinner there.. and watch movies after that.. but since 2012 is sold out, we have to watch astroboy.. haha..



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