Friday, November 13, 2009


Case 1
A patient come to a hospital

Patient : Assalamualaikum doctor
Dr K : Waalaikumussalam, please have a seat. So, may I know your name ?
Patient : My name is K****** A****. I live in johor bahru, aged 20, a muslim student
Dr K : So, what's ur main problem that u come to see me?
Patient : Err.. actually, i have a problem.. i think i have a psychotic problem. This problem starts when i have made a blog. I can't think of what to write in my blog. huhu~
Dr K : So, have u experience a time when your thought have been taken out suddenly by someone else? or in other words, thought withdrawal?
Patient : Ahha.. yes dr.. i feel it all the time when i try to write in my blog. So, do you think i have a problem?
Dr K : Emm.. Nope, your orientation are fine, memory intact, mood ok, but you only have a problem in your thought. Maybe i could arrange u to an appointment with the psychiatrist to help you control your thought ok? Any questions?
Patient : No dr. Ok, thank u very much dr..

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is my 1st entry 4 my blog, so don't expect more since i'm a new blogger.. please guide me to the right way.. TQ..

* Haha.. kwn2, aku dah ada blog.. dan aku dah post entry baru.. tp aku x reti sgt la nak mem-blogging ni..
* Tahniah kepada sume kwn2 TWP yg dapat SOOCA A dan OSCE 100%.. :)
* Korang komen jela ape yg korang nak komen..


farah liana said...

oh..klo gtu broadcast kn ur thought so loud that other people can hear what u r thinking *osce tu slh..mne de org HEAR ape yg orang lain THINK* haha

**#hana zaty**# said...

waaaa.........nua da wat entry~~siap diolog patient ng doctor..mmg berilmu medik blog ni t~~he2...bguih2...

kaenua said...

faroh : ko wat la entry sendiri pasal thought broadcasting lak.. hehe

nani : time kasih, bukan senang nak carik idea nih..

amal (^^,) said...

waa...baguih2 da ade link....haha...

i think u need to tke diz medicine twice a day...please come again to my clinic next week to c ur progression...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

haha..ada blog x gtau eh..
kte jumpe dri yaya punya followers..
yaya pun bru gtau dia ada blog..
nway,,good job..
keep it up!!
really enjoy reading ur blog..
i think the best cure 4 dis problem is to keep writing more n more..
practice makes perfect
u'll soon discover that u're problem is fully cured..insyaAllah..

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